Lumin CPAP cleaner

Lumin CPAP mask cleaner

Lumin CPAP cleaner and sanitizer is the new way to sterilize your CPAP mask. While other cleaners utilize ozone to sterilize CPAP devices, the Lumin CPAP cleaner and sanitizer make uses of all-natural UV light to clean your devices, a process that works quicker and leaves no odor. It is proven to get rid of 99% of hazardous bacteria, infections, mold, and fungi in just 5 minutes.

How does Lumin CPAP and mask cleaner works?

Lumin CPAP cleaning machine gets rid of pathogens and bacteria frequently discovered in CPAP masks and devices by using high energy UV light innovation. It is easy and simple to operate. After dirt and debris has actually been eliminated, you simply position your CPAP mask into the UV chamber and let the Lumin do its magic. The Lumin is quiet and effective. One 5-minute cycle suffices to kill all surface area mold and bacteria on the products placed inside the pull-out tray.

Advantages of Lumin CPAP and mask sanitizer.

Quick, Five-Minute Cycle -One of the very best functions of the Lumin is its brief cycle time (only 5 minutes)! This allows you to clean your supplies very easily and effectively, keeping your equipment germ-free. To make things much better, when the cycle completes, the Lumin will beep and then immediately turn itself off.

Efficient and Easy to Use - Lumijn CPAP mask sanitizer contains no chemicals and is completely safe for both you and your equipment. Despite the fact that long exposure to UVC light can compromise plastics and silicone, the Lumin cycle time is only 5 minutes suggesting the opportunities of damaging your devices is exceptionally low. 3B has actually discovered no damage to plastics or silicone in over 150 hours of screening, approximately comparable to 5 years of daily make use of, and one year of day-to-day make use of amounts to just 30 hours of real direct exposure time.

Competitively priced - Lumin CPAP cleaner is somewhat more expensive than other UV cleaners on the market, however, it's likewise supported by a series of research study, and assures high toughness, which could conserve you money in the long run. As soon as you've acquired it, there's no requirement to purchase any more replacement supplies, either. No extra cleaning products are needed to clean your CPAP, and the UV bulb that Lumin uses is rated to last longer than the life of the gadget, so it's extremely not likely it'll need changing. In the rare event that the bulb is damaged, replacement bulbs are available for a low cost from 3B Medical.

Compatibility - Lumin CPAP cleaning machine works with all brands of CPAP and BiPAP masks and devices. Just slide out the machine's polished aluminum cleaning drawer, place your devices inside, and you're ready to go! Lumin CPAP and mask sanitizer has a built-in shutoff system that automatically turns the UV light off whenever the cleaning drawer is opened to ensure user safety.

Adaptability - The 3B Medical Lumin CPAP Mask Cleaner is an exceptional cleaning device, so do not limit it to CPAP masks and devices. Lumin runs securely and quickly to decontaminate a range of other home and medical products.Including cellular phones, dentures, hearing aids, toothbrushes

UV technology -No ozone smells, no residue to wipe off, and no waiting period after the cleaning cycle finishes-- your items can be used immediately. Lumin's UV light procedure is totally odor-free, incredibly safe, and backed by research. Lab-tests program that Lumin's short-wavelength ultraviolet (UVC) light systems neutralizes hazardous bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi.

No Replacement Parts - You will not require any additional adapters to start sterilizing. To start, simply position your devices right into the Lumin's drawer and you're ready to go. Items that the Lumin can clean inside its drawer masks, humidifier chambers and other items you utilize regularly (i.e. keys, phone, toothbrush etc.)


Lumin CPAP and mask cleaner brings the security and benefit of UV light sanitation right into your home. This tool is incredibly easy to use-- just put an item in the tray, close the tray, and push the power button. The device will beep when the cycle is complete. If you accidentally open the tray while the process is still in impact, there's a security shutoff mechanism that will turn off the UV light. Plus, there's no extensive upkeep, and the UV bulb, while replaceable, is intended to last as long as the machine will.

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